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207 Board Members Conflict of Interest

Members or officers of the Board of Directors shall not use their position with the District to place themselves in a more favored position to purchase anything for personal benefit.

No member of the Board of Directors shall have an interest, direct or indirect, in a contract for the purchase of goods, including materials and profits, or the performance of services for the School District.  A member of the Board of Directors may not:

  • Receive direct compensation from the School District unless the Board member receives less than $2500 per fiscal year or receives the compensation through a contract competitively bid in writing, publicly invited and open.
  • Act as an agent for a school textbook or school supply company doing business with the school district during the board member’s term of office.
  • Be a statewide elected official or a state legislator.
  • Engage in outside employment or activity that is in conflict with the Board member’s duties and responsibilities.
  • No member of the Board of Directors or their families may accept any gratuities, financial or otherwise, from any supplier of materials or services to the District.

Approved: 06/08/2015    Reviewed:      Revised:  1/8/2018