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527 Course Requirements

The following are the course requirements for students to graduate from Knoxville Community School District High School:

  1. Science:  Six (6) credits.  

  2. Mathematics:  Six (6) credits of mathematics.  All freshmen must enroll for a full year mathematics course.

  3. Social Studies:  Six (6) credits of social studies, including two (2) credits of world history, two (2) credits of American history, and one (1) credit each of government and economics.

  4. Language Arts:  Eight (8) credits.  Four (4) credits must be earned in the area of basic English mechanics and composition.  One (1) credit must be earned in a literature course. Three (3) credits may be earned in any of the courses listed under language arts.

  5. Technology:  One (1) credit.

  6. Vocational:  Two (2) elective credits (beginning with the class of 2022).

  7. Personal Finance:  One (1) credit.

  8. Health: One (1) credit (beginning with the class of 2022).

  9. Physical Education:  One (1) semester of physical education (1 credit) per year.

  10. Special Education Classes:  Special education students must attend classes pursuant to Board Policy.

  11. Elective requirements may be waived by the building principal for those students who have been enrolled in Band and Chorus for four (4) years and have scheduled a full course load for four (4) years.




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