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528 Registration Requirements

The following are the registration and course load requirements for students of Knoxville Community School District High School:

  1. Students may be given a proficiency and/or achievement test to determine eligibility for any class.  A standard of proficiency may also be required for a student to attend a regular program of studies.

  2. For all students enrolled in a regular high school program of studies the following requirements must be met:

    1. All students must be registered for a minimum of eight (8) class periods per week.  This is referred to as the student’s “course load.” Seniors are able to have one (1) open class period.

    2. No student may perform in any school sponsored activities unless successfully passing all subjects.  Eligibility is determined at the end of each semester. A student may participate in any activity during the school day without having to meet this standard; however, he/she would not be eligible to participate in any performance or activity other than during the school hours.

    3. No student may participate in any activity if the student has an unexcused absence on the day of the event.  The student must be present within thirty minutes of the beginning of the school day and present all day in order to be eligible to participate in any activity on the day of an activity.

  3. Student classification:  A student will be classified by the year he/she is in school rather than by credits earned.




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