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602.2 Curriculum Adoption (Implementation)

There are two componentts of curriculum implementation that must be present to ensure the planned changes in curriculum and instruction succeed as intended. 

  • Understanding the conceptual framework of the content being implemented; and
  • Organized assistance to understand the theory, observe demonstrations, have opportunities to practice and receive coaching and feedback on the strategies to deliver the content. 

The superintendent/director of teaching and learning is responsible for curriculum implementation and for determining the most effective way of providing organized assistance and monitoring the level of implementation. A curriculum framework will describe the processes and procedures that will be followed to assist all staff in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully implement the curriculum in each content area. This framework will, at a minimum, describe the processes and procedures for the following curriculum implementation activities to:

  • Study and identify the best instructional practices and materials to deliver the content;
  • Describe procedures for the purchase of instructional materials and resources (See Policy 605.1);
  • Identify/develop exemplars that demonstrate the learning behaviors, teaching, and learning environment to deliver the content;
  • Study the current status of instruction in the content area (how teachers are teaching);
  • Compare the desired and present delivery system, identify differences (gap analysis), and develop a plan for addressing the differences;
  • Organize staff into collaborative study teams to support their learning and implementation efforts (address the gaps);
  • Provide ongoing professional development related to instructional strategies and materials that focuses on theory, demonstration, practice and feedback;
  • Regularly monitor and assess the level of implementation;
  • Involve stakeholders in curriculum reviews;
  • Ensure the curriculum framework complies with applicable laws;
  • Provide professional development to staff to support effective curriculum implementation.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent/director of teaching and learning to keep the board apprised of curriculum implementation activities, progress of each content area related to curriculum implementation activities, and to develop administrative regulations for curriculum implementation including recommendations to the board. 

Approved:  9/23/2019                                Reviewed:  11/28/2022                   Revised:  11/28/2022