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204 Code of Ethics

The public school system is accepted as the foundational agency for building and sustaining a principled democracy. The Iowa Association of School Boards recommends every board discuss, adopt and follow a code of ethics, using it to guide their decision making. The following is a sample code of ethics.

Board Members:

  • Will listen and respect the opinion of others.
  • Will be motivated only by an earnest desire to serve the school district as a whole and our community’s students in the best possible way.
  • Will recognize that authority rests with the board in legal session and not with individual members of the board, except where authorized by law.
  • Will abide by majority decisions of the board.
  • Will expect, in board meetings, to focus time on providing the best possible learning for district students.
  • Will remain open-minded and objectively listen to facts presented at the board table prior to voting.
  • Will recognize our responsibility is governance and not management.
  • Will abide by all policies adopted by the board, including the chain of command and meeting procedures.
  • Will recognize the superintendent as executive officer of the board and empower him or her to administer the educational program and student learning.
  • Will provide oversight for the financial stability of the district balanced with the need for an effective educational program.
  • Will respect confidentiality, when required by law
  • Will be trustees of public education and do our best to protect it, conserve it, and advance it.
  • Will abide by the oath of office, federal law, and state law.
Approved: 06/08/2015    Reviewed:  1/24/2022    Revised:  1/8/2018