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210.5 Notification of Board Meetings

Public notices shall be given for meetings and work sessions and retreats held by the Board.  Public notice shall indicate the time, place, date and tentative agenda of the meeting, work session or retreat.  The public notice shall be posted on the district website and members of the public may come to the District Administration Office during normal business hours to access a copy of the board agenda. The agenda will be posted at least twenty-four (24) hours before the meeting is to occur.

A copy of the public notice will be provided to those who have filed a written request for notice with the Board secretary.  A copy of the public notice will also be accessible by employees and students.

In the case of special meetings, public notice shall be given in the same manner as for a regular meeting unless it is an emergency meeting.  If the meeting is an emergency meeting, public notice of the meeting shall be given as soon as practical and possible in light of the situation.  The media and others who have requested notice shall be notified of the emergency meeting.  Attendance at special meetings or emergency meetings by the media or a Board member shall constitute a waiver of notice.

It shall be the responsibility of the Board Secretary to give public notice of Board meetings and work sessions.

Approved: 06/08/2015    Reviewed: 1/24/2022     Revised:  06/26/2023