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525 Early Graduation Requirements

Generally, students will be required to complete the necessary course work and graduate from high school at the end of grade twelve (12).  Students may graduate prior to this time if they meet the minimum graduation requirements stated in the Board Policy. A student who graduates early will no longer be considered a student and will become an alumnus of the District. These students will be permitted to participate in Prom, Senior Picnic and all graduation activities prior to the official graduation ceremony.

Students are required to give notice of their intent to graduate early.  Application forms are available in the counselors’ offices and must be completed and approved by the building principal.

Students who graduate early may attend the next graduation ceremony (e.g., if they graduate at the end of their junior year, they may attend that spring’s ceremony, or if they graduate at the end of the first semester of their senior year, they may attend the following spring’s ceremony).  It will be the responsibility of the early graduates to check with the school, in advance of graduation, regarding:

  1. Picking up announcement package;

  2. Distribution of cap and gown;

  3. Graduation practice.




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