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DRAFT 704.6R1 Fundraising Within the District Regulation

All district affiliated fundraising will be approved by the school board. Once approved, funds collected related to district affiliated fundraising will be placed in the appropriate fund in accordance with applicable laws and board policies. Prior to approval of district affiliated fundraising efforts, the board will consider:

  • Compatibility with the district’s educational program, mission, vision, core values, and beliefs;
  • Congruence with the district and school goals that positively impact student performance; 
  • The district’s instructional priorities; 
  • The manner in which donations are collected and distributed;  
  • Equity in funding; and
  • Other factors deemed relevant or appropriate by the district. 

Student Fundraising
Student fundraising can enhance a student’s educational experience, but it must not be at the expense of the safety and education of the district’s students.  The following are additional regulations to assist the administration in developing procedures necessary for successful fundraising efforts:

  • Students will not be asked to solicit door to door. 
  • Students who do not wish to engage in fundraising efforts will be provided an alternative community service option to apply toward credit of funds raised.  The alternative option will not be unduly burdensome or onerous when compared to the fundraising activity.
  • All funds generated due to a student fundraising activity will be deposited into the district’s student activity funds, pursuant to applicable laws and board policies.
  • Funds raised for a participatory student activity will be equally applied to all students regardless of their participation in fundraising efforts. 
  • All funds generated from district sponsored student fundraising efforts will be deposited in the student activity fund.  
  • All funds generated from non-district sponsored student fundraising efforts will be deposited into a private purpose trust fund designated by the board for such purpose.
  • No school district employee or other individual affiliated with the district may deposit student fundraising funds into any other account.  
  • All funds received from student fundraising are the property of the district.

Approved:          02/27/2023                   Reviewed:                     Revised: