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403.1 Employee Physical Examinations

Confirmation of the candidate's ability to perform the physical functions of the job will be required pre-employment and post -offer, for the positions of Custodians, Maintenance and Food Service, in accordance with their job description. The cost of a physical examination will be the responsibility of the employee.

Bus Drivers shall take a Department of Transportation physical examination as required, and submit the certification form to the Transportation Director.  These physicals must be completed at The Knoxville Hospital & Clinic The Knoxville Community School District will pay the cost of the required physical directly to KH & C. This includes the DOT physical for bus drivers. 

Good health is important for all staff and their families.  Knoxville Schools encourages all staff members to get their annual physical and standard preventative health screenings which are 100% paid by the District’s health plan.  District administration may require any employee to have a physical examination if it appears that the person’s physical welfare is impairing the employee’s performanc


Approved:   03/20/2023    Reviewed:           Revised:   03/20/2023