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402.2 Child Abuse Reporting

In compliance with state law and to provide protection to victims of child abuse, the Board believes incidents of alleged child abuse should be reported to the proper authorities.  All of the District’s employees are encouraged, and employees who are mandatory reporters, (teachers, coaches and paraeducators) are required, to report alleged incidents of child abuse they become aware of within the scope of their professional duties.

When a mandatory reporter suspects a student is the victim of child abuse, the mandatory reporter will orally or in writing notify the Iowa Department of Human Services within 24 hours of becoming aware of the abusive incident and shall make a written report to the Iowa Department of Human Services within 48 hours following the oral report.  If the mandatory reporter believes the child is in immediate danger, the local law enforcement agency will also be notified.  

Within six months of their initial employment, mandatory reporters will take a two-hour training course involving the identification and reporting of child abuse and dependent adult abuse or submit evidence they have taken the course within the previous three years. Once the training course has been taken, the certificate will remain valid for three years.  Employees who have taken the two-hour training course will take the one-hour follow-up training course every three years and prior to the expiration of their certificate.  


Approved:   07/13/2015    Reviewed:  11/28/2022        Revised:  11/28/2022